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New York most commonly refers to:

  • New York (state), a state in the Northeastern United States
  • New York City, the most populous city in the United States, located in the state of New York
  • A digital billboard is a billboard that is created from computer programs and software. Digital billboards can be designed to display running text, display several different displays from the same company, and even provide several companies a certain time slot during the day. The constantly changing texts ensure maximum impact and wide exposure to target audiences.

    In May 2014, Beck’s Beer released a billboard poster that plays audio. Conductive ink linked to sensors and speakers means that when touched, the poster begins to play music. The beer company claims it to be ‘the world’s first playable music poster’. However, Agency Republic released the Spotify Powered Interactive Music Poster in April 2012. Creative agency, Grey London collaborated on a similarly interactive poster using touch-sensitive inks in April 2014.

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