Train Advertisements

Train Branding or train advertising is the advert placing Inside and outside the train with the vinyl wrap or painting. An addition to their use as train branding, plastic train branding covers has also used as an option to art fleet and individual traveler vehicles.
Train advertising is an outline of out-of-home advertising that displays advertisements inside and on the outside of train such as on the side of or above the seats of a tram.
When considering train advertising, it’s important to appraise what demographic you are hoping to reach against who you will indeed be targeting. I.e, the citizens riding public transportation do not just include those who don’t own cars of their own. Many car owners park their cars at train stations and use trains to travel every day to commute to work. Studying the demographics of riders who would be showing to your train ads would be beneficial to your outdoor advertising plan. For example, if you want to in particular target daily commuters, certain train lines may have more commuters than other lines. Depending on your brand you may want to aim families, tourists, professionals or students with your train advertising.

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