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Cab or Taxi Advertising is a place used for advertising on the side of a cab or ad that is typically movable. Taxi advertising is a form of out-of-home advertising (OOH); radio, fixed boards, using a mobile billboard for advertising is an advertising niche called mobile outdoor advertising.
Taxi advertising is a ‘Mobile advertising ‘medium and can reach a mass audience. Traveling on average 1000 miles per shift, Taxi’s are always targeting audience over and over again, Eye level and eye catching. Auto advertising looks great; create standout in the cluttered media marketplace with outstanding taxi ad campaigns. Cab advertising creates a mobile billboard that travels on a continuous and predictable route multiple times daily.
Taxi Billboards usually used due to the supposed benefits such as being able to deliver a communication in places that other fixed advertisements are unable to. They also present a media that doesn’t get cluttered by other ads and usually seen close to competitors. Many also find it painful that the communication is less likely to be tuned out by drivers than other publicity media. They also don’t need any booking time and have a small setup time.

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