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Street furniture is an outdoor advertising media format which Ad boards are placed in the street. It includes benches, traffic barriers, Center Medians, Pole Kiosk, Phone boxes, traffic lights, traffic signs, bus stops, train stops, taxi stands, public utilities, tourism places, temples and tool gates ads An main thought in the intend of street furniture is how it affects road safety.
The street furniture itself has become as much a part of many countries’ identities as dialects and national events, so much so that one can regularly recognize the location by their design; famous examples of this include:
The street lights and metro entrances significance of Paris. Advertising
The red telephone boxes reflects of Britain
The residential mailboxes brand for the United States
Pole Kiosk are posts, short poles, or pillars with the purpose of preventing the group of vehicles onto footway or meadow. Agencies can also protect buildings and other location features.
Dust Bins are also a form of street furniture. Dustbins are strategically placed to try and deter people from waste on the streets. Dustbins provide a place for people to dispose of their waste.
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