Center Medians / Pole Kiosks

Center medians are backlit; road Divider-sized showcases located on the inner perimeter of a heart of the road, facing two sides of the road and other locations in high-density urban areas.
Used to reach walkers and vehicular traffic while traveling, tourist, and downtown areas. They are in nearness to businesses and entertainment venues.
Pole kiosk advertising boards are Displays, horizontal or vertical, which appear two sides (street side) of pole structures. Framed and permanently attached to the street lighting poles.
To reach the attention of walkers and vehicle traffic in a closely peopled center city: city center, retail, financial, and entertainment districts.
Other Kiosk boards are placed in shopping malls and airports available as a free-standing advertisement, telephone, or public-service kiosks. The advertising profits fund the condition and preservation of extra community facilities.
Vertical displays which appear on the sides of public telephone structures. Back lit at night.
Now digital kiosk billboards are famous in this trends.

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