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Airport branding and advertising boards are attracting new clients airports need to pay more awareness to marketing, particularly on raising their brand awareness.
Airport Advertising has closely followed the lengths to which local governments and airports go to attract low-cost carriers. The force of the cut-rate “traditions” and its several demands on the way airports marketplace themselves is still relating. As if to further make clear this intellectual change, some jet airlines advertised its range criteria in selected newspapers for Indian airports this June, issuing a tender to which no less than 80 airports responded.
We make clear to our clients earlier that we cannot offer them individuality. Every of them were alert that we were running on more than one airport advertising in the same category.”
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Chattrapati Shivaji
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Delhi Indira Gandhi
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Hyderabad Rajiv Gandhi
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To be a focus for new clients, bigger airports must realize the power of advertising. Too many still think about they to be nothing more than a property-owner. Slight wonder then that local airports are establishment to give them a run for their money.

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