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Back lighting Billboards is a new ooh advertisements are planned to catch a person’s attention on night time also and create an excellent impression very quickly, leaving the reader thinking about the advertisement after they have driven past it. They have to be readable in a very short time because the boards are having to light inside, so they were usually read while are being passed at high speeds.

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Backlit billboards are not used only for advertising, but can be multi-purpose. So, an advertising indication can integrate its primary purpose with telecommunications antenna and public lighting support. Usually, the billboard has a steel pole with a union projection on the above-fitted advertising billboard structure that can hold telecommunications antennas. The light power wiring and any antennas are placed inside the structure.

Maximum of the most major back lit billboards are at the side of highways; since passing drivers naturally have little to occupy their attention, the impact of the back lighting billboard is greater. Back lit Billboards are often drivers’ primary method of finding accommodation, food, and fuel on unfamiliar highways.

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