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Dhaka Division (Bengali: ঢাকা বিভাগḐhaka Bibhag) is an administrative division within Bangladesh.[1] The capital and largest city are Dhaka. The Division as constituted prior to 2015 covered an area of 31,051 km²,[1] and had a population of 47,424,418 at the 2011 Census. However, following the separation of the new Mymensingh Division in 2015, the area has been reduced to 20,508.8 km² with a population at the 2011 Census of 36,433,505.

Dhaka Division is bounded by Mymensingh Division to the north, Barisal Division to the south, Chittagong Division to the east and south-east, Sylhet Division to the north-east, Rangpur Division to the north-west, and Rajshahi Division to the west and Khulna Divisions to the south-west.

Billboards are also used to advertise national or global brands, particularly in more densely populated urban areas. According to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, the top three companies advertising on billboards in 2009 were McDonald’s, Verizon Long Distance and Pepsi. A large number of wireless phone companies, movie companies, car manufacturers and banks are high on the list as well.

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